DASH! Is my free funk trio with Alex Oele on bass and Eric Hoeke on drums. I love playing with these guys; hard swinging yet unpredictable beats and basslines that inspire me to explore all the angles of a tune. Impressed by recordings I heard of Sonny Sharrock, Blood Ulmer, and Ornette, I started the trio back in 2012 and since then we have released two very succesful albums and played a great number of concerts in many places. The music I write for DASH! draws from various traditions like jazz, blues, contemporary and ethnic music. Most important is that the tune gives room for improvisation and exploration. Feedback from audiences tells me that listening to DASH! is an engaging, almost physical experience with all the things that are going on. As one critic said: 'It's deliciously chaotic".

DASH! is also my vehicle of choice when working with special guests. Over the past years we have played with a wide variety of great musicians: Shabaka Hutchings, Hilary Jeffery, Michael Moore, Anton Goudsmit, Luciano Biondini, the Pauni Trio, Jeannine Valeriano, Michel Godard, Kalpana Raghuraman, Ernst Glerum, just to name a few.. Everytime we work with guests we adapt our music and almost always I write new material that will bring out the best in the whole ensemble.The DASH! Off album above is a good example, as is the From Sun Ra to Bollywood Funk project we did in 2012 and the DASH! vs Pauni Trio project.

Here is video from a gig we did at a Dutch National Radio show. Quite a few more at my Youtube chanel.

The trio is the second incarnation of DASH! In 2004 the band started as an octet with four singers and percussion. In that line up we released two albums and besides playing gigs the band also wrote and played a full scale theatre show, gave clinics etc.